Raghav Aggarwal
Android Developer

"Give me an API and I will give you an Android App"

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I am an Android developer, currently interning at Doubtnut.

I am proficient in using MVVM Architecture and Jetpack Libraries such Kotlin Coroutines, Room, Navigation etc. in a project.

One of the major learnings I got from working on different projects is that "Execution is more important than Idea".

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Qsol in android application which provides access to previous exam papers of various universities their syllabuses, solutions and videos.

Being an Open Source Platform software contributions have improved the app over time. Resources, improvements and features are added continuosly to the app and the community is growing every day.

Why Qsol?

Qsol is developed on the idea of reducing the number of clicks that a user has to make to achieve the goal.

1. A user can download all the previous year exam papers of a subject with a single click.

2. Their are organized and updated subject lists of each course and semester based upon the latest syllabuses.

3. Specific tabs for Exam Papers, Syllabuses, Solutions and Videos to provide a hassle free experience

Qsol's Stats

1. Average rating of 4.8 on Playstore.
2. 2k+ exam preperation resources collected over a period of 12 months contributed by over 40 people.

Qsol's Impact

1. Helped over 700 students of various universities in their exams.
2. A Community of over 300 members

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Space Dawn

Made for Space Geeks (like me)! It provides you with the latest articles about Space Flight and upcoming Rocket Launch events from all over the Globe.


1. Get Notified for upcoming Rocket Launch Events by scheduling reminders from within the app.
2. Search for the topics of your choice from the Search Tab.


1. Space Dawn is developed by following the MVVM Architecture.
2. Jetpack Libraries used are Kotlin Coroutines, Jetpack Navigation Room Database.

Playstore Link Source Code


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